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A Strategic Approach to Reaching Disadvantaged Populations

August 2, 2023
By Pivot
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Smoking cessation is a critical issue that companies should address to create a benefits plan that supports all employees, regardless of their ethnic, racial, or cultural identities. To properly reach disadvantaged populations through engaging communication, organizations must implement strategic approaches to achieve higher utilization of their smoking cessation program. 

This strategic approach is crucial to your partnership with Pivot when you add Pivot Breathe to your benefit offerings. Below highlights the individual approach that took place with one client. 

Did you know that nearly 70% of people who smoke want to quit? However, individuals from disadvantaged populations, disproportionately targeted by Big Tobacco face unique challenges in accessing effective tobacco cessation support. By offering a comprehensive smoking cessation solution, which includes marketing support, you can elevate your offering and ensure an increase in utilization. 

Tobacco and DEI - The Big Tobacco Connection

To effectively address diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), organizations must incorporate impactful smoking cessation offerings as part of their strategy. 

Disadvantaged populations, already burdened by social inequalities, bear the brunt of targeted marketing tactics from Big Tobacco, which leads to higher smoking prevalence rates. In addition, this population historically has more challenges accessing effective tobacco cessation support. Consequently, many individuals who wish to quit smoking belong to the groups targeted by DEI initiatives. 

When assessing your communication strategy when implementing a smoking cessation offering, you must consider different initiatives to ensure you reach these populations.

Pivot Breathe’s Approach

Building a solid partnership with clients is an essential part of the benefit of partnering with Pivot. As part of the implementation process, our dedicated marketing and client success team takes the time to understand your organization's unique circumstances. 

  • What is the mix of your employee base? 
  • Are there certain parts of the organization where tobacco usage is higher? 
  • What are the different communication channels available to reach your entire population? 

These questions represent initial discussions with new clients to design a unique marketing strategy that works for each organization. 

Pivot’s Marketing in Action

Pivot collaborates closely with clients through partnerships to develop targeted and personalized campaign strategies based on the factors at play for that particular organization. For example, Pivot’s marketing team implemented the following strategies to increase Pivot Breathe utilization for a client:

  • Instead of using generic brochures that often ended up in the trash, Pivot Breathe designs eye-catching business cards with login instructions for the Pivot app
  • Targeted messages can be sent via company apps typically used to disseminate crucial medical information, ensuring direct notifications to all employees 
  • Posters advertising Pivot Breathe in designated smoking areas to reach employees.

When factoring in the addition of Pivot’s campaign management expertise, this collaborative, innovative approach led to a significant increase in utilization compared to previous tobacco cessation programs. In addition, with the added benefit of detailed reporting, the client gained a new level of transparency into the effectiveness of each campaign.  

Measurable Results

By partnering with Pivot’s expert marketing and client success team, clients see 5-10x enrollment over other tobacco cessation solutions, proving the strategic, collaborative approach makes a difference. 

By constantly brainstorming creative ways to meet workers where they're at, Pivot Breathe continues to succeed in reaching and engaging the target population.

A concerted effort makes all the difference

In today's era of prioritizing DEI, a smoking cessation offering that focuses on ensuring high utilization, provides meaningful support and delivers proven success must be an integral part of your organization's strategy. By partnering with Pivot Breathe and its effective marketing and client success team, you can unlock innovative approaches to engage and empower disadvantaged populations on their journey toward a smoke-free life.

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