Quitting Smoking

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Quitting Smoking in Lockdown

By Linda Bundick, MS, CHES, CHWC, NCTTP

Living in lockdown in response to COVID-19 has some obvious challenges. We have new stresses and uncertainties on top of the burdens of daily life. Our days just look different.

Quitting Smoking: Create a Vision

By Pivot
Quitting Smoking | how to quit smoking, quitting smoking

If you’ve been smoking for a long time, it may be hard to imagine what your life would be like without cigarettes—all the things you would miss if you were to stop smoking.

Quitting Smoking: Identify Your Why

By Pivot
Quitting Smoking | quitting smoking

One of the most important things you can do when thinking about quitting is to identify your reasons for wanting to quit. The important word there isn’t “reasons.” It’s “your.

Quitting Smoking: Know Your Patterns

By Pivot
Quitting Smoking | quitting smoking, smoking patterns

How many cigarettes do you smoke per day? When are you most likely to smoke? What are your smoking triggers—those unexpected people or events that send you reaching for a cigarette? Maybe you want t…