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The Flex Assessment

A new way to gauge your flexibility to stress

The Flex Assessment, adapted from four clinical validated surveys, provides insight beyond ‘I’m stressed’ or ‘My team is stressed’ and sheds light into risk of burnout, impact of anxiety, and one’s current resiliency to everyday stress.

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Quantify your stress with a Flex Score

Stress is a natural part of life, but how one responds to it or is impacted by stress tends to differ.

By assessing one’s anxiety, burnout, and resilience levels, the Flex Score will provide a benchmark as well as new actionable insights into how one needs to make changes and improvements in an attempt to strengthen their overall well-being.

Track Progress Over Time

In order to learn and grow effectively, you need a way to track your progress and view possible trends. Pivot Flex and the Flex Score, provide you and your members a new opportunity to see and track change. 

“No matter what your goals are, research shows that tracking your progress increases your likelihood of success!” –– Cynthia Ackrill, MD, PCC, FAIS

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Pivot Flex Meets Members Where They Are

Learning new skills as well as strengthening skills you already have is an important part of managing stress. It is all about learning how to respond to everyday stress in a healthy and impactful way. No matter an individual’s Flex Score, Pivot Flex provides the tools, challenges and support to help your members become more resilient.

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100% of members take the Flex assessment

1 month

Pivot Flex members are encouraged to retake the Flex Assessment monthly in order to get keep tabs on their progress


Members complete the 11 question Flex Assessment in order to receive their Flex Score

Connecting people who need help with people who can help
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See real progress, stay on track

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Clinical foundation

Adapted from clinically-validated surveys focused on an individual’s stress, anxiety, burnout and resiliency level. Meaningfully combined to provide a more holistic perspective your members and your organization.

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Intuitive readings

Go beyond ‘my members are stressed’ and gain insight into how resilient your workforce is. The Flex Score provides a snapshot of: what percentage of my organization is at risk of burnout and what percentage has skill in place to respond to stress in a healthy way.

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Actionable insights

Stress and the impact of stress is becoming destigmatized, but understanding how much one is impacted is difficult to measure. The Flex Assessment provides members new insight into their individual stress so they can make a plan to change and manage their stress. As an organization, you gain valuable, measurable insights to factor into organizational strategies.

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Track changes

See progress and celebrating success is critical part of impactful behavioral change. Members are able to and are encouraged to retake the Flex Assessment on a regular basis, to show improvement. Even a minor change is a win and over time will build up to a happier and healthier individual.

Real-world success stories

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