No robots here. Pivot's coaches are real people, specially trained in tobacco cessation. Our coaching feels different because it is.
  • No schedules
  • Privacy
  • Immediate access

A personal guide

Nothing works for everybody. Some activities in Pivot might completely transform your life. Others might not apply to you at all. Because you’ll work with only one coach, they’ll get to know you and be able to help you customize Pivot to fit your needs.

Context and clarity

What do your sensor readings mean? What is or isn’t changing for you in Pivot? You don’t have to answer those questions alone. Your Pivot coach is always on hand to help you make sense of your data and patterns, as well as your in-app lessons and activities.

Your terms

In Pivot, working with your coach is an option, not an obligation. You can always reach out on your own schedule, and your coach is happy to initiate conversations based on your in-app activities. However, if you’re not in the mood for talking, or if you’re having fun exploring Pivot on your own for a while, all you have to do is say the word.

Specialized training

Pivot’s coaches undergo rigorous training from tobacco treatment experts. The proprietary curriculum follows evidence-based methodologies, established and emerging behavioral science, and Pivot’s own unique tools and strategies.

Motivational interviewing

What’s most important to you in life? By working with your Pivot coach to see how smoking — and quitting— connect to the things that matter most to you, you’ll find your own reasons for quitting. That internal motivation is what leads to real, long-term change.

Ready to take control?

Let’s Pivot together.