A Welcoming Approach

Pivot is for all smokers, not just those who say they're ready to quit. That's important.

Low bar to entry
Low bar to entry
Any smoker can try out Pivot, regardless of readiness to quit.
Engaging marketing
Engaging marketing
Pivot's turnkey marketing programs for partners will change your expectations about benefits rollouts.
Consumer-grade experience
Consumer-grade experience
What would it look like if quitting smoking were positioned as an opportunity instead of an obligation? It would look like Pivot.

Changing the math of smoking cessation

Employer-provided smoking cessation programs enroll, on average, about 7% of eligible smokers in any given year. Pivot clients have seen enrollment rates in excess of 30% of eligible smokers, in less than a month!

3x industry-average enrollment rates

By welcoming all smokers and marketing Pivot as a consumer experience, we’re changing the math of smoking cessation.

Reach x Efficacy = Impact

With quit rates as high as or higher than the best smoking cessation programs out there, along with enrollment rates far in excess of anything in the employer space, Pivot can truly impact large populations.


We believe in smokers

There is no judgement in Pivot — not for smoking, nor for not quitting. We simply believe that by providing smokers with the tools and space to figure out their own smoking behaviors, they’ll develop the skills and motivation to make the choices that are best for them.

Changing the minds of smokers

In just the first week of Pivot, smokers show a sharp, objective increase in both their readiness to quit and their confidence in their ability to do so.

No such thing as a failed quit attempt

The concept of “practice quits” is integral to Pivot. Any quit attempt, regardless of the outcome, is an opportunity to learn and build towards the next one. That’s part of the way Pivot helps smokers develop the confidence and motivation to stick around until they quit for good.

Ready to take control?
Let’s Pivot together.