Quitting Smoking: Create a Vision

If you’ve been smoking for a long time, it may be hard to imagine what your life would be like without cigarettes—all the things you would miss if you were to stop smoking. This is normal—and in some ways necessary.

Part of getting to a place where you’re ready to try to quit is recognizing what you’re giving up. But don’t stop there. One of the really powerful things to think about is all the things you would gain if smoking were no longer part of your life. Quitting smoking isn’t only about giving something up; it’s also about adding great new things to your life.

One way to start creating a vision of your life free from smoking is to think about two of the biggest things smoking currently takes up: time and money.

  • Time. It takes about six minutes to smoke a cigarette. So, if you smoke a pack a day, you spend about two hours every day just on smoking! What would you do with an extra two hours per day?
  • Money. The average price for a pack of cigarettes in the U.S. is about $6.50. (You may pay far more, depending on where you live.) At that average price, someone who smokes a pack a day spends about $45 per week and $180 per month on cigarettes. That adds up to well over $2,000 per year. What could you spend that extra money on?

Time and money aren’t the only things that you could gain. You would have healthier teeth and gums. Your clothes, home, and car would smell better. You could become a positive role model for people in your life. And you might find a new sense of freedom once your life doesn’t revolve around when you can have your next cigarette.  

What’s waiting for you in your smoke-free life?

This is the final installment of our seven-post series on how to explore your personal relationship to smoking and quitting, based on some of the initial activities in the Pivot program. The full series is below.

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