Study shows Pivot’s high quit rate even for smokers who say they aren’t ready to quit

Our latest study, in the journal “JMIR mHEALTH,” backs up our claim that Pivot is for all smokers. The high-level takeaway: Pivot users who said they weren’t ready to quit when they entered the program ended up having a 32% quit rate. Again, that’s for smokers who said they were not ready to quit. The quit rate for those who were ready was even higher.

In all, two-thirds of study participants indicated they were not ready to quit when they started using Pivot. These are smokers who would not engage with typical quit programs, which require users to set a quit date upon entry. Our belief with Pivot has been that, by lowering the bar to entry and welcoming all smokers, we would be able to help not only smokers who are ready to quit but also the vast majority of smokers who don’t engage with existing programs.

Read the full study: Initial Assessment of a Comprehensive Digital Smoking Cessation Program That Incorporates a Mobile App, Breath Sensor, and Coaching: Cohort Study.