The Pivot Journey

Text Transcript with Description of Visuals

Worldwide, 1 billion people smoke. Half will die of a smoking-related illness such as heart disease, cancer, lung disease and stroke.

Illustration of people smoking around the world

Smoking-related illness weighs heavily on society, costing employers, health insurers, and especially families and loved ones. In the U.S., 40 million people smoke. That’s one in six adults.

Most smokers [about 70%] want to quit and about half make a quit attempt every year.

Most smokers who try to quit do it on their own, without the help of a quit program. Unfortunately, few succeed.

Smokers who use quit programs, on the other hand, have much higher success rates. That’s because quit programs teach skills and behavior techniques, offer social support, and provide quit medications all factors that significantly increase the likelihood of a successful quit.

Quit coach holding a clipboard that reads Dealing with Triggers

But quit programs aren’t available to everyone [1 in 20 use a quit program], and they’re inconvenient. So, in the end, few smokers quit and many give up trying.

So… We’ve developed Pivot. Pivot is a program for all smokers, whether they’re ready to quit or not. It doesn’t start by asking people to quit. Instead, Pivot seeks to engage smokers and entice them to learn more about their smoking and how smoking affects their lives. And to understand that there are proven tools and skills that can help them quit if they want to.

Pivot is flexible, realizing that everyone has different needs. It provides a tailored experience according to where the participant is in their decisions about smoking and quitting. For those who are not yet ready to quit Pivot provides activities to raise awareness about smoking, motivation to quit, and the confidence to try.

For people who are ready to quit, Pivot provides access to key elements and techniques from the best quit programs. Unlike existing programs, which require in-person visits or phone calls. Pivot is delivered directly to users, on their own schedules, through their smart phones. Pivot’s approach combines new technology with established techniques to give smokers an interesting and immersive experience.

The Pivot breath sensor enables users to monitor their CO (carbon monoxide) levels to inform them about their smoking behavior.

The smartphone app helps users track cigarettes and see interesting ways that smoking affects them.

Illustration of app screens showing 10-15 cigarettes per day and an addiction score of 5

Participants complete lessons that help them with motivation, knowledge building, and development of coping skills. When they’re ready, the Pivot app helps them build their quit plan, and follow through.

From day 1 through the duration of the program, each user is paired with their own personal health coach who is trained in smoking cessation and the unique challenges that smokers face.

All of our content is derived from expert recommendations and follows national guidelines for smoking cessation.

Doctor holding a clipboard that reads U.S Guidelines for Tobacco Use Prevention and Evidence-Based Quit Strategies

Pivot takes users on a journey, through six stages

Explore, Build, Mobilize, Quit, Secure, and Sustain

The first stage [Explore] is designed for all smokers to increase motivation and interest in quitting.

Graphic showing 9 days for stage 1

In the second stage, participants build confidence, learn quit skills [quit tool kit], and receive social support, while considering a quit attempt.

Users have a say in what they focus on and how long they stay, as they add to their motivation, skills and readiness.

Graphic showing up to 4 weeks for stage 2

Those who decide to quit complete a personalized quit plan, and then in the third stage [Mobilize, 4 weeks], participants prepare for quitting, getting all the elements of their quit plan into place.

Illustration of a clip board with Coping Strategies, Medication, and Support

On quit day, users put their quit plan into action and, with the help of their coach, quit smoking.

In the following stages, users receive continued support from their coach, and complete additional activities to ensure their coping skills are strong.

Illustration showing Secure Stage, 3 months

Participants receive support from their coach and the app for a full year to make sure their quit is solid and stable [Sustain Stage].

We’ve developed Pivot as a fun, flexible program to support people who smoke, wherever they are, and offer them the strongest evidence-based assistance to help them achieve the change they desire.

Let’s create a smoke-free world.

Pivot – for life.