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Pivot’s 2023 Wrapped

January 2, 2024
By Pivot
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It was a big year for Pivot, and we’re glad you were here with us! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite 2023 highlights that we’d love to share with you as we reflect on last year and look forward to 2024!

Our Mental Well-Being Solution Launched

Pivot Flex was launched to select clients, and we’re excited to offer the solution to an even larger audience in 2024. To request a demo, click here.

We Paired Up With HealthPartners

We are thrilled to share the remarkable impact we've made in collaboration with HealthPartners, transforming the landscape of tobacco cessation with our innovative app-based tool. Pivot Breathe is now available to HealthPartners members across the U.S. To read more, click here.

We Helped Cigarettes Stay Unlit

We celebrated a big milestone: by helping people quit smoking, 1.6 million packs of cigarettes were never smoked. We couldn’t be prouder of all these tobacco-free Pivot members!

Pivot Supported More People Than Ever

We have a team of fantastic health coaches who support Pivot members through the good and the bad. In 2023, 95,000+ messages were sent between coaches and Pivoters. That’s an incredible amount of support!

What's Next?

2024 is going to be just as exciting! Itching to learn more? Click here to be the first to know more about our Pivot Clear, our holistic Alcohol Support Solution coming in 2024!

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