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Tap into health, happiness, and productivity

Pivot helps people and organizations turn small changes into big transformations. With Pivot's help, you can:

Help more employees successfully quit tobacco
See a meaningful impact on costly chronic conditions
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Increase Enrollment
Pivot sets you up for success: Your dedicated client success team ensures implementation, enrollment, and reporting are easy and effective.
Increase Quit Success
Help more people quit smoking: Offer your employees the most comprehensive and effective tobacco cessation solution.
Reduce Healthcare Costs
Reap the rewards: For each person who quits, reduce healthcare costs by $4,000 annually.
Improve Productivity
Reverse tobacco's daily impact on your workforce: See improvements to your bottom line through reduced absenteeism and presenteeism.
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In a time where employers are being asked to do more with less, elevated wellness solutions that are easy to deliver are more important than ever.

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Corporate tobacco cessation is essential for delivering effective wellness programs

Why? An extra $8,000 is spent per tobacco user, per year, negatively affecting areas like health care claims and productivity. Now more than ever, employers need a proven and successful corporate tobacco cessation program within their benefits portfolio.

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Help More Employees Quit

Pivot Breathe offers employees a modern, digital solution to tackle an age-old problem.

With the support of the first FDA-cleared over-the-counter device to help people quit tobacco and a dedicated tobacco treatment specialized coach, your employees will get access to the industry leading tobacco cessation offering, no matter their readiness to quit.

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Your partner in tobacco cessation

Partner with Pivot and get access to a dedicated, best-in-class client success and marketing team.

Low-lift implementation

Pivot does the work to get up and running with minimal strain on your team.

Implement Pivot in as little as 30 days.

Proven enrollment success

Get access to:
  • Personalized campaign strategy
  • Best-in-class campaign management
  • Increase in utilization: 5-10x
  • Increased quit success: 10-20x

Increase quit success rates

Help more people quit and see the results. With an eye on your goals, your Pivot team provides regular, detailed insights into your Pivot Breathe program performance and improvements.

The most effective tobacco cessation solution

Breath Sensor: Motivational Quit Device

Proven to increase motivation to quit, Pivot’s Breath Sensor is the first FDA-cleared over-the-counter device to help people stop smoking cigarettes.

Immediate, real-time feedback

Gamified experience

Clinically proven to be effective and motivational

Actionable insights

Small and discrete

Learn more about our Breath Sensor »

Comprehensive, clinically-validated platform

With an industry-leading quit rate of 44%, Pivot Breathe provides a personal journey focused on building new skills and creating lifelong healthy habits.

Available for all forms of tobacco

Accessible no matter readiness to quit

24/7 Support (Breath Sensor, Coach, NRT, Community)

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Board Certified, Holistic Coach

Members have 3.6x more quit success when working with a Pivot coach. Using a holistic approach, Pivot coaches unpack years of addiction to make a difference.

Tobacco treatment specialized coaches

Confidential and non-judgmental space to talk openly

Tailored tracking, reduction, or quit strategy for each quit journey

Unlimited support, no need to schedule time, leading to improved adherence and higher engagement

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Convenient Access to NRT

Increase accessibility and use with up to 12-week supply of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). Ordered from the convenience of the app and delivered directly to the member's door.

NRT effectively helps members reduce, quit, and maintain

Coach support and encouragement guides members to selecting the right dose and timing

The program is aligned with HHS and ACC guidelines

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Peer-to-Peer Support Matters

Help unwind the stigma associated with tobacco use, offer community and acceptance. Pivot Breathe provides 24/7 access to a moderated, peer-to-peer community that aligns with HHS and ACC guidelines, where members can:

Give and receive support

Build confidence

Share failures and successes

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Break long-lasting habits for good
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Real-world success stories

After trying to quit many, many times, this was easy and I didn't realize I was just not thinking about lighting one up. After my quit date, I began to think of myself as a non-smoker and two weeks later am living as one.


I have told my coworkers, that it's not scary at all, it's very informative and very easy to participate.


It has really helped my ability to concentrate on my job because I’m not always thinking about smoking.

Optimize your wellness budget

Bill through claims, not your wellness budget

Employers today are challenged to provide revolutionary financial, physical, and social wellness programs options to their growing and diverse workforce — all on a limited wellness budget.

Shift your tobacco cessation solution out of the wellness budget and align it to healthcare costs. Pivot offers an easy to implement option to bill employee memberships through claims.

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We have answers.

Are tobacco surcharges legal? Can my employer stop me from smoking?
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Yes, tobacco surcharges are legal. Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), group health plans and self-insured employers can charge tobacco users up to 50% more for their health insurance premiums than non-tobacco users. This is referred to as a tobacco surcharge.

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Can Pivot Breathe improve my enrollment?
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Yes, clients using Pivot Breathe typically see a 5-10X increase in enrollments compared to other tobacco cessation solutions. However, actual client numbers may vary and will be based on defined, specific goals.

Our dedicated Member Enrollment Marketing team develops both turn-key and custom marketing programs. These include evergreen resources to introduce Pivot Breathe as a wellness benefit offering, seasonal campaign updates to keep Pivot Breathe top of mind throughout the year, and innovative solutions to drive best-in-class results. Learn more about how we support enrollment.

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Can Pivot Breathe be billed through claims?
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Yes! Pivot Breathe makes such an undertaking easier by offering the option to bill its services as claims to health plans. This enables employers to save valuable wellness dollars for other wellness-related services. Our partnership with Change Healthcare grants us access to over 2,400 health plans, allowing for quick smoking cessation program implementation. To learn more, check out this resource.

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How does Pivot Breathe support reasonable alternative programs?‍
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Pivot Breathe supports customer needs by providing HIPAA-compliant reporting to successfully manage a reasonable alternative program. Pivot provides our best practice recommendation based on a subset of activities an individual should complete over a period of time to meet certain requirements to remove the surcharge. Pivot Breathe offers comprehensive demographic and reasonable alternative reporting to clients. This includes detailed information on enrollments, tobacco behaviors, engagement, progress in quitting tobacco, satisfaction scores, and more! Learn more in this blog.

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What is the ROI for implementing a Pivot solution?
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Pivot solutions have been developed to help your members and employees make impactful changes that have a direct impact on the reducing healthcare costs, associated with chronic conditions. In particular, a claims study demonstrated that Pivot Breathe showed meaningful ROI within the first year, with returns increasing to 600% in year 2.

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What clinical studies have been published to support Pivot Breathe's results?
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Pivot has 6 peer-reviewed publications that provide evidence-based support for Pivot Breathe. These studies were conducted in the United States and included heavy smokers. To align with the general U.S. population of smokers, these studies included individuals along the entire spectrum of readiness to quit; most participants were not ready to quit smoking at study entry. For more information visit

Pivot sensor
Is there an option to bill through claims?
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The Pivot breath sensor measures the amount of carbon monoxide in your exhaled breath*. (CO is one of the toxins in cigarette smoke.)Using the breath sensor takes approximately 30 seconds. You’ll inhale then blow into the sensor, and the results can be viewed directly on the sensor. For the best experience, you can pair the sensor to the app to learn even more!The more you use your sensor, the more you’ll understand your CO levels and how they are affected by your smoking. You can set up your sensor to remind you to give samples with vibrations or beeps.*Indications for use: The Carbon Monoxide Breath Sensor System is a breath carbon monoxide monitor intended for single-user use by people who smoke cigarettes to inform the user about how breath carbon monoxide levels are affected by smoking behavior.  The device is not intended to be used with other inhaled products.

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Can my employer stop me from smoking?
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While employers and health plans cannot force someone to stop smoking, most offer smoking cessation programs as part of their well-being benefit options -  to support and provide resources to help people who smoke quit. Sometimes, these programs are a means to offset a tobacco surcharge that is in place.

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How do I communicate to my organization about Pivot?
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At Pivot, we recommend a comprehensive and targeted communication strategy, to ensure you reach members and employees when they are motivated to make a change. In close collaboration with your Marketing and Client Success team, we work with you to customize a strategy that works for you and your organization. Examples include emails, break room posters, intranet announcements, and more. Pivot-led strategic support leads to a 5-10x increase in enrollment.

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How long does it take to set up Pivot?
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The average Pivot implementation takes 30 days or less, start to finish. Your team will receive support from Pivot's Client Success team throughout the low-lift implementation process.

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How will I know if Pivot is successful at my organization?
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Pivot provides aggregate quarterly and annual reports to organizations on enrollment, engagement, outcomes and goal progress. Outcomes include reduction in tobacco consumption, quit rates, NPS and Satisfaction Rates. Individual data is kept anonymous.

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What are the hidden costs of tobacco use in the workplace?
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Hidden costs include higher property insurance, the effects of secondhand smoke, increased distractions for all employees and reduced producitivity - adding up to $5,000 per person who smokes per year. In addition, workers exposed to secondhand smoke may file compensation claims for health-related issues.

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Why do employees often avoid revealing their tobacco use to employers?
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Workers often avoid revealing their tobacco use due to concerns about workplace reputation, avoiding health insurance surcharges, maintaining personal privacy, not wanting to be treated differently or nagged to quit. Almost 72% of workers admitted to concealing their tobacco use from employers.

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Why is smoking cessation important for the workplace?
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Smoking cessation in the workplace is essential because healthier employees lead to a more productive work environment, fewer sick days, lower healthcare costs, and improved workplace relations and morale.

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Real-world success stories

Right pointing arrow icon illustration
Right pointing arrow icon illustration

After trying to quit many, many times, this was easy and I didn't realize I was just not thinking about lighting one up. After my quit date, I began to think of myself as a non-smoker and two weeks later am living as one.


I have told my coworkers, that it's not scary at all, it's very informative and very easy to participate.


It has really helped my ability to concentrate on my job because I’m not always thinking about smoking.


Without rushing around and plotting my next break or ride off the property I have been more clear headed and [am] able to focus on work tasks and get things done in a faster more efficient manner.


I was so moved by my first breath sample that it motivated me to quit smoking. This thing sold itself right there.


I used to go out behind my shop and smoke on my breaks. Now I just go out there and really take a break.


I realized Pivot was working for me when I made it through a full day of work without going out to smoke.


My employer and coworkers were more at ease knowing I wasn’t going to walk away every couple of hours to smoke. They seemed to depend on me more which led to mutual respect and trust in the workplace.


The true financial impact of employee tobacco use

Employee tobacco use adds up quickly, negatively impacting healthcare costs and productivity while encouraging more on-the-clock breaks.

*This cost is approximate. For details, book a demo
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Between excess healthcare costs and lost productivity, self-insured employers lose about $8,000 per person who smokes annually versus non-smokers. That adds up quickly.

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