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Let's re-imagine smoking cessation in your organization

Workplace quit programs aren’t working. (Go check your engagement numbers.) We built Pivot to fix that, so you—and your employees—can finally get the help you’ve been after.

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Helping smokers quit is smart business

Employees who smoke cost their employers more than $7,000 per year in excess healthcare and lost productivity—per smoker.

But you’ve got to reach them

Millions of smokers have access to employer-sponsored quit plans. Yet these programs engage only 7 percent of eligible smokers.

The Pivot solution

Pivot’s unique engagement model helps employers reach more smokers. Then, robust reporting tools show you how your workforce is progressing through Pivot, so you can gauge the resulting ROI.

The Pivot Experience

We designed Pivot to reach smokers earlier, more effectively, and in far greater numbers than traditional quit programs—and with tools to help you measure the resulting impact on your business.

Measurement and Discovery

Our FDA-cleared mobile breath sensor, for measuring carbon monoxide in the breath, and the Pivot App’s simple tool for logging cigarettes help participants gain entirely new insights into their smoking behavior.

Evidence-Based Strategies

Pivot’s interactive lessons, real-time data, and personal coaching combine to tailor the experience to each individual, while adhering to U.S. clinical practice guidelines shown to provide the best chance of a successful quit.

Engagement and Success Reporting

Our client dashboard allows you to see measurable results at any point in time, including how many of your employees are engaging with Pivot, how many are attempting quits, and how many have succeeded.

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