Pivot helps people quit smoking —
at a scale that makes a difference.

See how Pivot can transform your business — and your employees’ lives.

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Helping smokers quit is smart business

Smokers cost their employers more than $7,000 annually, per person, in excess healthcare and lost productivity. They are also up to two times more likely to develop diabetes, and take twice as long to recover from fractures.

But you have to reach them

Typical employer-provided cessation programs enroll only 7 percent of eligible smokers, on average. With Pivot’s turnkey marketing campaigns, our partners have averaged about three times that — in just the first month of enrollment.

And measure the results

Pivot’s robust reporting tools put the data in your hands, with immersive, customized reports that show engagement rates, quit rates, and the resulting ROI.

The Pivot Experience

We designed Pivot to reach smokers earlier, more effectively, and in far greater numbers than traditional quit programs — and with tools to help you measure the resulting impact on your business.

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Technology That Transforms

After just one week with our FDA-cleared breath sensor, 71 percent of Pivot clinical participants reported being more motivated to quit smoking.

Motivation That Lasts

Pivot combines proven, evidence-based strategies with human coaching and a model of behavioral science called self-determination theory to help participants quit for good.

Data That Empowers

From our Pivot dashboard to our innovative client reports, participants and employers are able to see precisely how Pivot is changing their lives and businesses.

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