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This American Heart Month: Give Your Employees Heartfelt Support With Pivot Flex

February 22, 2024
By Pivot
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Prioritize Heart Wellness: Team Up with Pivot Flex this American Heart Month

Make the most of American Heart Month by bolstering workplace wellness programs with Pivot. Introduce our comprehensive well-being program, Pivot Flex, to help reduce employee stress and boost your bottom line.

American Heart Month is a great opportunity for employers to assess effective employee wellness programs. These initiatives help individuals make informed lifestyle choices, promoting longer and healthier lives for all.

Stress can gradually harm heart function, making it a major factor in heart disease and a leading cause of preventable deaths globally. By addressing stress in the workplace, employers can significantly contribute to the overall well-being of their workforce.

Discover how Pivot Flex can make your workplace healthier and more productive, helping reduce stress and improve employee heart health.

Don't Let Stress Break Your Heart!

Chronic stress can have a profound impact on heart health, manifesting in various ways that contribute to cardiovascular risks. Here are key reasons why stress is detrimental to the well-being of the heart:

  • Elevated Blood Pressure: Chronic stress can lead to consistently high blood pressure, increasing the strain on the heart.
  • Increased Heart Rate: Stress triggers a higher heart rate, putting additional stress on the cardiovascular system over time.
  • Inflammation: Prolonged stress contributes to inflammation in the body, which is linked to heart disease.
  • Unhealthy Behaviors: Stress may lead to unhealthy coping mechanisms such as overeating, smoking, or excessive alcohol consumption, negatively impacting heart health.
  • Disruption of Heart Rhythm: Stress can disrupt the heart’s normal rhythm, potentially leading to arrhythmias or other cardiac issues.
  • Elevated Cholesterol Levels: Chronic stress may contribute to higher levels of cholesterol, increasing the risk of heart-related problems.
  • Weakened Immune System: Prolonged stress weakens the immune system, making the body more susceptible to illnesses that can affect the heart.

Addressing chronic stress through effective management strategies is essential for preventing cardiovascular complications and promoting long-term heart health.

Pivot Flex: Unleashing Strength for a Healthier Heart!

Pivot Flex is a holistic mental well-being program that provides customized support for lasting behavioral change. By providing tools and support to navigate challenges, the program helps individuals manage stress positively, an essential factor for heart well-being. 

Insightful lessons promote self-awareness, helping individuals recognize and tackle the underlying sources of stress. Collaborating with a dedicated health coach, members receive personalized stress management strategies, offering tailored guidance for maintaining mental well-being. 

Given the close link between stress management and heart health, this comprehensive approach benefits mental and emotional well-being while contributing to a healthier heart.

Click here to book a demo of Pivot Flex during American Heart Month, and you will receive a Heart Health gift box!

FAQs About Pivot Flex

What is Pivot Flex and how does it support heart health?
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Pivot Flexis a cutting-edge program that helps people create and preserve well-being. Emphasizing confidence-building and stress reduction, it provides a proactive strategy for a happy, healthy life. By focusing on confidence-building and stress reduction, individuals are able to develop and strengthen the key skills needed to support a proactive well-being strategy, important to live a happy, productive, and healthy life.

Why is American Heart Month important for employers?
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American Heart Month is an opportune time for employers to evaluate and bolster their workplace wellness programs. These initiatives are crucial for helping employees make informed lifestyle choices, significantly contributing to reducing stress, preventing heart disease, and promoting healthier, longer lives.

How does stress affect heart health?
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Chronic stress negatively impacts heart health by causing elevated blood pressure, increased heart rate, inflammation, unhealthy behaviors, disruption of heart rhythm, elevated cholesterol levels, and weakening the immune system. These factors can increase cardiovascular risks and contribute to heart disease.

What benefits does Pivot Flex offer to the workplace?
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Pivot Flex enhances workplace health and productivity by reducing stress and improving employee heart health. It provides insightful lessons for self-awareness, personalized stress management strategies, and support from a dedicated health coach, all contributing to a healthier and more productive work environment.

How can I learn more about Pivot Flex and its benefits for heart health?
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You can book a demo of Pivot Flex during American Heart Month to learn more about its comprehensive approach to strengthen and build a resilient workforce and heart health. Organizations that book a demo during American Heart Month will receive a Heart Health Gift Box, highlighting the program's commitment to promoting heart health and supporting organizations in their wellness initiatives.

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Book a demo of Pivot Flex

Book a demo of Pivot Flex during American Heart Month, and you will receive a Heart Health gift box!

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