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Quitting Vaping When You Work from Home

July 12, 2023
By Pivot
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Is quitting vaping a priority for you? Many people are in the same boat - more than 60% of adults report wanting to quit. Quitting during the workday is an important part of quitting for good.

Many people find quitting vaping to be harder than quitting smoking (which, as we know, is hard itself!). One of the reasons it’s challenging to quit vaping is that it’s more accessible, especially at home. On the other hand, having more control over your environment and your quitting strategies can help you succeed.

Finding Support

Support is an important piece of quitting any form of tobacco. And in a traditional workplace, finding supportive people might be as easy as sitting with a group at lunch each day. At home, you may notice it’s not as easy to make connections or ask for support on your journey. A few tricks to get support at and outside of work:

  • Work with a coach. Coaches understand that quitting is hard. A coach can help you identify vaping triggers, create your quit toolkit, and define your support system.
  • Get creative about support, even at a distance. Have open and honest conversations before and during your quit. Share how your loved ones and colleagues can support you. Maybe you like supportive texts or distractions. Or, maybe you don’t want to talk about it at all. It’s up to you, but it helps to tell them and ask for what you need.
  • Check out the Pivot Community. In Community, like-minded people share their tips and tricks, and you also can share your experience. Community is available 24/7, whenever you need support.

Changing Up Your Environment

Changing your environment can reduce cues to vape. Environment adjustments that change visual, smell, and taste cues can play a big role in quitting at home. Some strategies to consider:

  • Dispose of vaping devices. Cleaning your house is just one of many tips to help stop vaping. Throw away vapes, pods, and accessories. Look in drawers, bags, coat pockets or anywhere a stray vape may be hiding.
  • Consider your workspace. Think about your workspace. Does it trigger you to vape? Consider moving to another location or making minor adjustments to establish the space as new, such as a new desk, plant, or candle.
  • Successful snacking. Addressing hand-to-mouth urges that come with quitting can be an opportunity to learn to cook a new dish and have foods on hand that keep your hands busy, like fruits, nuts, and seeds.

Revisiting Workday Triggers 

It’s also worth thinking about how workday triggers might play a role. Two of the most common triggers are stress and boredom. Additionally, you might find you vape on autopilot when triggers pop up. Here are some ways to conquer workday triggers:

  • Challenge yourself to make work time vape-free. If you find you vape on autopilot during the workday, you might challenge yourself to put the vape away for a period of time. Pivot offers Practice Quits, where you get set aside 1-24 hours of non-vaping time. The app also keeps track of time for you! You might also challenge yourself to limit vaping to before the workday starts or during lunch. 
  • Breathe. One of the simplest ways to relax during a particularly stressful moment is to breathe. Deep breathing sends signals from your body to your brain to slow down and return everything to normal. One way to get into the habit of deep breathing is to practice box breathing - breathe in for four counts, hold for four counts, exhale for four counts, then hold for four counts. Repeat as needed.
  • Get moving. When boredom strikes, you might go for a quick walk, do five push-ups, or dance to your favorite song. (You can’t always get away with that in a traditional workplace!)

Working from home has benefits and challenges, but with the proper perspective, tools, and strategies, now may be the perfect opportunity to download the Pivot app and toss the vape for good.


Talia Johns, BS, NBC-HWC

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FAQs About Quitting Vaping When You Work from Home

Why is quitting vaping considered harder than quitting smoking?
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Vaping is often considered harder to quit than smoking because of its increased accessibility, particularly at home. It's often more convenient and easier to vape in different environments, making it a harder habit to break.

How can I get support for quitting vaping when working from home?
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There are several ways to seek support when quitting vaping. You can work with a coach who can help identify triggers and create a personalized quit plan. Additionally, you can connect with communities like the Pivot Breathe community for peer support. It's also important to communicate your intentions with your loved ones and colleagues and let them know how they can assist you.

How can changing my environment help in quitting vaping?
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Changing your environment can help eliminate cues that trigger the urge to vape. This can involve disposing of vaping devices, reconsidering your workspace, and making other adjustments to reduce visual, smell, and taste cues associated with vaping.

How can I manage workday triggers that might make me want to vape?
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You can manage workday triggers by setting specific vape-free periods. Tools like the Pivot Breathe app can help track this. Other strategies include breathing exercises to handle stress and physical activities like walks or push-ups.

What is the significance of 'successful snacking' in the quitting process?
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Successful snacking" refers to having foods on hand that keep your hands busy to address the hand-to-mouth urges that often come with quitting vaping. Examples include fruits, nuts, and seeds. It helps provide a healthy and productive distraction from the urge to vape.

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