Doing good
is always better
amongst friends

What’s the best thing about working at Pivot? Easy: the people. We’re curious, creative, diverse—driven to find purpose in our work, and buoyed by the joy we get from supporting each other. We build awesome stuff that helps people, and we love doing it together.

We embody our values.

Do Good.

Simple enough, right?

Believe in people who smoke.

Always: tools and support. Never: guilt and lectures.

Better to miss an audacious target than hit a boring one.

Shoot for the moon

One brick at a time.

Believe in the process; some things take time.

The faster we move, the more lives we save.

Act urgently.

Take the ball.

Who's job is it? Ours.

Build awesome stuff - together.

Amaze yourself. Amaze each other. Amaze the world.

Acknowledge. Inspire. Protect. Challenge. Collaborate.

Make others great.

The Stuff You No Longer Get From Your Parents

Happier Weekdays

The work you do is far more important than where and when you do it. That’s why Carrots enjoy flexible work schedules and work-from-home opportunities.


Health & Wellness

Medical, dental, and vision coverage? Of course. We also offer 401K, life insurance, and long-term disability. We also offer guided meditations each week on Mindful Monday.


Giving & Sharing

Have a pet cause or charity? Give back to the world with two paid days per year for volunteer work. Have a topic or hobby you’re passionate about? Share it in our weekly lecture series.