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Doing good is always better amongst friends

Pivot is a leading behavioral change digital health company aiming to engage employers and health plans who are eager to deliver elevated wellness solutions to individuals.

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We are a values-based workplace, working on ethical solutions that truly help others and fundamentally change lives for the better. We have employees who care deeply, with many personally impacted by the effects of stress and tobacco.

We're looking for talented, passionate people that are ready to help us change the world

Are you interested in joining a company filled with curious, creative, diverse, and purpose-driven employees? Maybe you're looking to build awesome stuff that helps people.

If so, we've got good news — Pivot is growing, and is looking for talented people to help us change the world. See if there's the right role for you! 

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Learn more about Pivot’s culture

Today, Not Tomorrow
Today, Not Tomorrow is all about urgency.
You make a difference faster for your customers, your company, yourself and — most importantly — the humans who rely on Pivot to help them make small changes with big impact in their lives. That urgency multiplies your impact over time.
Kyle Duffy
VP of Sales
Do What’s Right, Not What’s Easy
When it comes to one's health, doing what's right is more crucial than considering how difficult it might be.
At Pivot, doing what's right is easier than opting for what's easy because we've already made that decision. We might not know how things will turn out, but we are certain that what we are doing is worthwhile.
Ki Han, Senior Design Director
Ki Han
Senior Design Director
Fun > Not Fun
In a remote world, it can be difficult to make the time and find ways to have fun at work, but it should be a priority at all companies. It is so much of our time and energy that not having fun at work is not an option for me! That's why I was so glad to find having fun prioritized at Pivot.
Dacia Daly
Client Growth Marketing Manager, Fantasy Novel Addict
Pumped to Serve
Pumped to Serve is core to Pivot and our mission.
Combining science, technology, and compassion to improve health, one human at a time. Every day, you see it in discussions with colleagues about our products, our clients, our customers, and our future developments.
Kirsten Clerx
Senior Product Marketing Manager
One Brick at a Time
At Pivot, milestones are measured by bricks. Whether at the individual or company level, a brick is added and connected to a wall. With every brick, we grow stronger. During our weekly All Hands Meeting, the wall is present for all to see and remind us how each of us are part of the foundation of the company and how powerful we are as one.
Michael Murphy
Controller, Finance Department
Believe in People
People who use the Pivot app have a belief, even if it's a small one, that they can make a change. Their belief that they can make a habit change, together with our belief that we can help them like we've helped others, is very exciting to me.
Rich Razon
Senior Fullstack Engineer
Benefits and perks

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Invest in your future
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Stock options
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Flexible PTO
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Health, dental, & vision coverage
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About Pivot

Dive Deeper Into the Mission

Hear from Pivot’s Founder and CEO, David Utley, MD, as he explains why tobacco cessation matters to him - and why it should matter to you too.

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