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November 8, 2021

Pivot Joins Virgin Pulse Partner Network

Virgin Pulse clients can expand their Homebase for Health® with Pivot by Carrot Inc.

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Carrot Inc.*, today announced it has partnered with Virgin Pulse, the leading global provider of digital and live health and wellbeing solutions, making its innovative and clinically proven Pivot tobacco cessation program available for contract through Virgin Pulse to employers and health plans nationwide.

Pivot is a unique program that attracts tobacco users with its novel integration of digital and behavioral support - enabling clients to engage more members in cessation benefits they work hard to provide. Through this partnership, Pivot will become available to eligible employees and health plan members through Virgin Pulse’s Homebase for Health® solution. Homebase for Health unifies and simplifies the member health journey through an orchestrated user experience spanning the full care continuum, from prevention to intervention and care management. Through a single personalized platform, integrated wellbeing, condition management, benefits navigation and partner solutions prompt relevant nudges into members’ daily routines that inspire the small but sustainable actions needed to reach their goals.

The Tobacco Problem
Tobacco use remains a significant problem among Americans, with sales of cigarettes increasing in 2020 and vaping continuing to gain momentum. For employers, smoking fuels costly medical conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and many others. While most tobacco users want to quit, employer-provided cessation offerings are poorly utilized.

The Pivot Solution
Pivot offers tobacco users something entirely fresh and new - which is reflected in typical 3x boosts in participation rates. The Pivot program comes in 6 and 12 month program lengths and includes:

  • The FDA-cleared Pivot Breath Sensor (for cigarette users): This game-changing personal sensor enables users to track their levels of carbon monoxide, a real-time indicator of their smoking intensity. The sensor is clinically proven to increase motivation, giving users the ability to see progress in as little as hours as they reduce smoking and quit.
  • The Pivot Mobile App: The app’s personalized and engaging content helps people at any level of readiness to quit smoking. It leverages cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and follows U.S. Clinical Practice Guidelines.
  • Personalized Coaching and Support: Dedicated one-on-one coaching from trained tobacco cessation experts is delivered via secure in-app texting, offering the support users need, whenever they need it.
  • Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT): Proven to decrease cravings and included at no charge, Pivot lets users order NRT through the app and have it delivered to their door.
  • Community Support: Pivot connects users with a community of current and former participants, all actively supporting each other in their respective journeys.
  • Integrated Incentive Points: As part of its integration with Virgin Pulse, users’ participation will translate directly into Virgin Pulse incentive points. Employers can customize points for activities they wish to incentivize.
  • Programming for all Tobacco Users: Pivot is designed to help people who use cigarettes, e-cigarettes / vape devices, and other types of tobacco to successfully quit.

In clinical studies, Pivot users achieved a 35% quit rate, with high durability and satisfaction. To date, Pivot has benefited almost 15,000 tobacco users and has been rolled out in employers and health plans in a wide range of industries and geographies in the U.S. For employers and health plans, costs of Pivot can be billed as claims if desired.

“We’re excited to be working with Virgin Pulse and are emboldened by their commitment to help employers and health plans provide effective and engaging tobacco cessation programs,” said David S. Utley, M.D., CEO of Carrot. “By offering Pivot to those looking to live tobacco-free, Virgin Pulse is also helping its members reduce the likelihood of developing chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and COPD, and in many cases reverse the severity of existing chronic conditions.”

Virgin Pulse’s industry-leading engagement levels increase partner program visibility and utilization through streamlined company adoption, seamless integration and member incentives. By becoming a certified partner of Virgin Pulse, Carrot eliminates administrative burdens for employers and health plans associated with product configuration, separate procurement and contracting, privacy and security vetting, invoicing and reporting.

About Carrot
Carrot Inc. is a digital health company that delivers clinically proven, behavioral science-based solutions that empower people to take control of their health. Carrot’s first product is Pivot, a program that is transforming how people quit smoking and the company was named a 2021 UCSF Health Award Finalist for employer prevention and wellness. To learn more, visit

​​About Virgin Pulse
Virgin Pulse is the global leader and premier provider of digital health, wellbeing and safety solutions focused on helping users make the best decisions about their health at all stages of their health and wellbeing journey and reducing healthcare costs. Featuring the industry’s only true Homebase for Health® that unifies and simplifies the health journey, Virgin Pulse fuses high-tech, high-touch, predictive analytics, AI and data to support clients and members across the entire health, wellbeing and benefits lifecycle—from screening and risk assessment to activation, behavior change and the adoption of sustainable, healthy habits to benefits navigation, condition management, gaps in care closure and digital therapeutics guidance. Today, 14 million+ users in more than 190 countries rely on Virgin Pulse’s digital and live solutions to change their lives—and businesses—for good. To learn more, visit and follow Virgin Pulse on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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*Pivot Health Technologies Inc. was previously known as Carrot Inc. and changed names in 2022.