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February 1, 2022

Pivot Releases Study On Tobacco Use in the Workplace

Report reveals that benefits leaders are placing a high priority on tobacco cessation as a 2022 employee benefit due to increased smoking and vaping in the workplace

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Pivot, a digital health company that empowers individuals to embrace wellness and enables corporations and health plans to improve their population's health, today released its 2022 “Attitudes Toward Tobacco Use in the Workplace” research report.

This benchmark study includes survey responses from more than 2,000 U.S. participants: 530 human resources professionals who are responsible for their company’s employee benefits programs and 1,525 employees who self-attest to using at least one form of tobacco. All participants worked in one of five industries with relatively high tobacco prevalence - construction, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, or transportation.

“Tobacco use is on the rise, driven by the explosion in use of vaporized nicotine (aka vape), COVID-19, and the associated increased incidence in mental health disorders. In this report, 56% of employees who use cigarettes also use vape, 20% use all three forms of tobacco (cigarettes, vape, smokeless), and 96% use tobacco while at work. Employers surveyed recognize this increasingly negative impact of tobacco to the health of tobacco-using employees and their families, as well as to their company’s brand and bottom-line, and are prioritizing tobacco cessation as a top employee benefit in 2022,” says David S. Utley, M.D., Founder and CEO of Pivot.

Key insights from the Benchmark Study include:

  • 48% of employers rank tobacco cessation in their top three priorities for 2022
  • 46% of benefits leaders estimate that the prevalence of tobacco use in their company is between 21 and 50%, while an additional 8% estimated the rate to be greater than 50%
  • COVID-19 negatively impacted tobacco usage for almost half of employees
  • 97% of employers are concerned about both smoking and vaping in the workplace
  • 96% of employees who use tobacco do so while on the job
  • 23% of tobacco-using employees say that their company does not know about their tobacco use, and 69% of employees state that they have avoided revealing tobacco use to their employer at least on some occasions

“As experts in tobacco cessation, we at Pivot felt it necessary to conduct this rigorous study. We offer this data to enterprise and health plan stakeholders to enable them to better understand how to navigate delivery of effective tobacco cessation services for their populations at risk,“ said David Utley. “I am encouraged to see a renewed prioritization of tobacco cessation among employers today and feel hopeful as we work toward a healthier workforce - and a future with fewer people using tobacco,“ he added.

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Pivot is a digital health company that empowers individuals to embrace wellness and enables corporations and health plans to improve their population's health. Pivot’s first product addresses tobacco use, the leading cause of preventable illness and death in the US. Pivot addresses cessation for all forms of tobacco (combustible, vaporized and smokeless) and delivers a mobile app experience complete with tailored behavior change content, pharmacotherapy, an FDA-cleared carbon monoxide (CO) breath sensor, a supportive peer community, and a personal tobacco treatment coach.

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