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June 7, 2022

Pivot's Vaping Guide Exposes a Dangerous Workplace Trend

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.-- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Pivot, a digital health company empowering individuals to embrace wellness and enabling corporations and health plans to improve their population's health, today released Employee Vaping - What Employers Need to Know to Foster a Healthier Workforce. This free guide helps employers understand vaping, how it harms employees, and why it's essential to include a vaping cessation program when creating healthier workplaces.

“There's a myth that vaping is safer than smoking tobacco”

Vaping is one of the fastest-growing industries globally, expected to top $61.4 billion in total worth by 2025, according to business analyst FinSMEs. Many analysts predict that vaping will become the next nicotine epidemic.

Vaping is popular among former smokers and those who have never lit up a cigarette, especially younger people. Vaping prevalence is increasing, which should cause concern and sound the alarm for employers responsible for employee wellbeing and healthcare costs. Just recently, it was reported that annual healthcare costs have risen by $2,000 for Americans who vape.

"There's a myth that vaping is safer than smoking tobacco," said David Utley, M.D., Pivot's Founder and CEO. "The plethora of tempting flavors and lack of secondhand smoke make it attractive to younger people and former smokers. But research shows vaping is not safer and causes the same health and societal issues as other forms of nicotine. Nicotine use, including vaping, can cause depression, neurological disorders, and other health problems. Pivot created this guide to help employers and their workforce understand the dangers of vaping and discover effective ways to quit."

This guide offers employers information on:

  • How vaping works
  • Why people vape
  • How vaping impacts health and leads to increased tobacco use
  • How vaping impacts employers and workplaces
  • How to help employees quit vaping, including workplace success stories

Pivot's personalized app-based cessation program helps those who vape, smoke and use other forms of tobacco. With program enrollment more than five times higher than traditional cessation programs, the Pivot program's personalized approach to the quit journey engages participants in cessation activities they find most comfortable and effective. Pivot's first-of-its-kind FDA-cleared Breath Sensor integrates with the mobile app and is clinically proven to increase motivation to quit smoking while decreasing the number of cigarettes smoked. The program also offers coaching and peer-to-peer support via the Pivot community, available from the privacy of an employee's home.

To learn more about how Pivot is working to solve this deadly and costly trend of increased tobacco and nicotine use and download the guide, here.

About Pivot

Pivot is a digital health company that empowers individuals to embrace wellness and enables corporations and health plans to improve their population's health. Pivot's first product addresses tobacco use, the leading cause of preventable illness and death in the US. Pivot addresses cessation for all forms of tobacco (combustible, vaporized and smokeless) and delivers a mobile app experience complete with tailored behavior change content, pharmacotherapy, an FDA-cleared carbon monoxide (CO) breath sensor, a supportive peer community, and a personal tobacco treatment coach. For more information, please visit:


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