The Pivot App

An entertaining, streamlined experience with games, lessons, data, and evidence-based quit strategies.
  • Convenient Dashboard
    A quick view of daily sensor readings and your patterns over time
  • Easy Sensor Pairing
    Pair your app and sensor on day one and forget about it. They'll automatically sync data from that point on.
  • A Plan for Busy Schedules
    All in-app activities take five minutes or less to complete.

Self-determination theory

Here’s the deal — motivation can come from external sources, like prizes and punishments (the old carrot and stick), or an internal ones, which have to do with the things you automatically want to do. External motivation can help with short-term goals, like getting kids to clean their room. But nothing beats internal motivation for long-term behavior change (like quitting smoking). Self-determination theory is all about internal motivation, and it’s key to the Pivot approach.

Embrace what’s important to you

What are you naturally motivated to do? Maybe it’s to be with family. Maybe it’s to work hard. Maybe it’s to go to the movies every Saturday night with your spouse. Whatever your motivation, if you can connect it to quitting— how living smoke free might enable you to do more of what you love— you’ll notice a shift in your behavior.

Believe in yourself

Why? Because we do. Pivot doesn’t lecture or lay on the guilt. We believe that with the right tools and support, you’ll be able to figure out not only what’s best for you, but how to achieve it. We’ve seen it time and again. It’s why we always say, “We believe in people who smoke.”

Human-centered design

Sounds jargony, but it just means building things with the user in mind. Instead of designing products based on what we want users to do, our human-centered designers create products based on how people actually use them. Pivot is simple, intuitive, fun, and empowering. That’s no accident.

Continuous testing and refinement

Pivot was in development for years before the first users got a chance to use it. Since then, there have been more years of constant testing and refinement based on clinical studies, commercial use, and participant feedback sessions. Pivot feels like it was built for people who smoke because it was built, in large part, by people who smoke.

Ready to take control?

Let’s Pivot together.