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Smoking Cessation: How to Add to Your Workplace Wellness Plan

June 28, 2023
By Pivot
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Workplace wellness programs are pivotal to employee well-being, productivity, and satisfaction. Smoking cessation initiatives often take the backseat to programs focusing on physical activity, healthy eating, and stress reduction. But not anymore!

Programs like Pivot Breathe are paving the way for employers to help their workforce quit smoking – and all tobacco – for good. When you incorporate smoking cessation initiatives into your company’s wellness plan, you will see measurable benefits for your workforce and bottom line.

Keep reading to learn about integrating smoking cessation programs into your workplace wellness plan today. Psst. It’s easier than you might think!

Importance of workplace wellness initiatives

Many companies already offer general wellness programs for mental and physical health, which is fantastic! But it’s also essential to expand the focus to include smoking cessation.

Smoking cessation programs can create a healthier and more productive work environment for your employees. They will also benefit your business as a whole. Over time, smoking cessation initiatives can help:

  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Boost positive morale
  • Lower healthcare costs
  • Increase job satisfaction
  • Improve overall productivity
  • Foster healthy company culture

Why companies should implement smoking cessation as a wellness initiative

The rumors are true – quitting smoking is not easy. Give your employees the support they deserve by offering a smoking cessation program. These initiatives are designed to help people reduce their smoking habits and replace them with healthier ones. This can significantly increase the likelihood of success.

Smoking cessation programs don’t only benefit your employees who smoke. Incorporating smoking cessation as a wellness initiative will create a healthier, more productive environment for your entire workforce. It will also demonstrate your commitment to employee health and well-being. 

Benefits of smoking cessation programs

Smoking cessation initiatives can significantly reduce your company’s costs in the long run, which is excellent for your bottom line. Studies estimate that employing someone who smokes costs $4,000 more annually than someone who doesn’t smoke. This is primarily due to the excess healthcare costs associated with smoking.

Moreover, you’ll greatly reduce productivity loss when your workers stop taking (or take less) smoke breaks

Bonus: Your workforce may also experience increased focus and improved morale~

How to add a smoking cessation program into workplace wellness initiatives 

There are several approaches employers can take when integrating smoking cessation into their workplace wellness plans. Here’s an overview.

Show your support

Provide access to counseling services or support groups for employees who want to quit smoking. These resources can offer guidance, motivation, and a sense of community to individuals on their cessation journey.

Offer tobacco cessation aids

Another approach is to offer tobacco cessation products – like nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) or prescription medications – as part of employee benefits packages. By providing these resources, you can increase your employees’ chances of success as they try to quit tobacco.

Educate your workforce

Consider offering educational campaigns and workshops on the dangers of smoking and the benefits of quitting. Raising awareness will help encourage your employees to take control of their health.

Some possible educational initiatives include informative presentations, guest speakers, and free literature.

Offer a comprehensive solution

An easy way to offer comprehensive smoking cessation initiatives to your workforce is to provide your employees with a program like Pivot Breathe. Your employees can access a wide range of support initiatives 24/7, all housed in one user-friendly app.

Pivot Breathe offers coaching, community support, access to 12 weeks of NRT, educational lessons, interactive tools, and much more, such as the Pivot Breath Sensor

Pivot can also get the word out to your workforce by providing direct communications support. This makes it easier for your employees to learn about the program and get started!


Integrating smoking cessation into your workplace wellness plan can have far-reaching benefits for employees and employers. In addition to helping your employees lead healthier lives, you can expect to see long-term benefits for your business like:

  • Less absenteeism
  • Increased productivity
  • Positive company culture
  • Reduced healthcare costs

Remember, every step taken towards supporting employees on their cessation journey is a step towards a healthier and more productive workforce.


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