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Why Companies Should Offer Smoking Cessation Benefits to Employees

June 21, 2023
By Pivot
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Smoking cessation programs can improve employee well-being, increase productivity, and reduce your organization’s healthcare costs. Many benefits are easy to implement and will save your organization money in the long run.

Here’s how smoking cessation benefits can make your organization a healthier place for employees and more attractive to high-quality applicants:

Increased Productivity and Morale

Smoking isn’t just bad for people’s health – it’s bad for your business, too. Smoke breaks disturb workflow, decrease productivity, and lower office morale. 

On average, employees who smoke have a 31% higher sick-leave rate and take almost three more sick days a year compared to non-smokers. 

Smoking employees also have higher rates of presenteeism. This is when workers are on the job but are less effective, leading to a loss in productivity. Why? Because after the effect of the nicotine wears off, they start thinking of their next break. This creates a vicious cycle that constantly erodes focus and, as a result, productivity. In fact, in some industries, the average worker who smokes took a total of 73 minutes of smoke breaks per day. That really adds up!

Meanwhile, employees who don’t smoke typically take less sick days, are more productive, and show increased engagement. 

As your workforce stops smoking, you can expect to see measurable improvements week after week.

Enhanced Employee Health and Well-being

Smoking is a leading cause of preventable diseases like:

  • Stoke
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Lung diseases
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

You can help your employees reduce their risk and complications by offering a smoking cessation benefit that makes an impact. Not only will you be helping your workforce achieve long-term health, you can expect quantifiable improvements for your workplace.

Decreased Healthcare Costs

Smoking-related illnesses can pose a hefty financial burden on employees and employers through healthcare costs. Employers can lessen these costs by investing in smoking cessation programs that lead to impactful quit rates. Simply checking the 'I have a tobacco cessation option’ box isn’t enough.

Employees who quit smoking are less likely to require medical interventions. That means fewer healthcare costs and less productivity loss.

Another perk is that quitting smoking can also lead to reduced insurance premiums. All of this leads to a positive impact on your organization’s bottom line.

Enhanced Employee Retention and Recruitment

Health benefits and wellness programs are a crucial priority for today’s job seekers. Smoking cessation programs serve as a valuable tool for attracting and retaining top talent.

Employees who successfully quit smoking through smoking cessation programs are more likely to feel valued and satisfied. This can lead to higher employee retention rates and an increase in office morale. Win-win!

Plus, by offering smoke cessation benefits, your organization will demonstrate its commitment to employee well-being and success. And at the same time, you’ll be building a positive employer image that will benefit your brand at large.

Despite the negative consequences of smoking, making the decision to quit can be extremely challenging. But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible! Give your employees the support they need with Pivot Breathe

What’s Pivot Breathe?

Pivot Breathe is an innovative smoking cessation program that’s backed by science and proven to help and motivate people to quit. With the support of a dedicated, tobacco trained specialized health coach, Pivot Breathe puts the user in the driver seat and helps them develop new habits that lead to long-lasting changes. 

By offering your organization access to Pivot Breathe, you’re giving them the right tools and resources they need to break free of the addiction cycle. In addition, this can improve depression, anxiety, and stress symptoms which, in turn, will yield better results for your business.

In time, you’ll notice improved morale, efficiency, collaboration, and productivity in your workplace. Plus, your company will save big bucks on healthcare costs in the long-term.

It’s Time to Make a Change

Investing in the right smoking cessation benefit for employees can yield numerous advantages for organizations. Pivot Breathe can help you:

  • Reduce healthcare costs
  • Improve employee health and well-being
  • Enhance employee retention
  • Get more high-quality applicants
  • Increase productivity

Learn how to create a better workplace with Pivot Breathe today!


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