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Offer a Customized Smoking Cessation Program to Your Employees

August 3, 2023
By Pivot
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Smoking cessation programs can have a powerful, positive effect on your employees’ well-being and the success of your organization at large.

By providing personalizable smoking cessation programs for employees, you can support their journey towards quitting smoking and improving their overall health. This can directly lead to increased productivity, healthcare cost savings, and decreased absenteeism.

Since everyone has individual habits, goals, and needs, it is vital to provide employees with a program that works for them. 

Keep reading for tips on designing a smoking cessation program tailored to your workforce’s unique needs. 

The Need for Employee Smoking Cessation Programs

Employers are crucial in promoting a healthy workplace environment and supporting employee well-being. Implementing a tailored smoking cessation program demonstrates your commitment to their health and shows that you value their overall wellness.

Every individual's smoking habits, motivations, and barriers to quitting are unique. So, a one-size-fits-all approach may not be as effective in helping employees quit smoking. 

By offering a personalizable smoking cessation program, you can address these individual differences and increase the chances of success.

Designing a Personalized Smoking Cessation Program

Assess Needs and Preferences

Surveys are a great place to start. They can help you gather information about your employees' smoking habits, motivations, and challenges they face when trying to quit. This data will help you understand their specific needs and practices.

Lots of Options

For maximum success, develop a range of options to accommodate different learning styles and preferences. 

Providing a variety of resources and interventions ensures that employees can choose the approach that suits them best. For example, some employees may prefer self-paced online modules, while others may benefit from support from an online community. 

Educational Materials

Offer educational materials such as brochures, posters, and online resources that highlight the health risks associated with smoking and the benefits of quitting. These materials can increase awareness and motivate employees to take action by sending them to a signup page for your tobacco cessation program.

Programs can also offer educational materials, such as lessons, through their website or app.

Counseling and Support

Everyone needs support sometimes! The right smoking cessation program will offer your workforce coaching services or support groups. These resources can provide valuable guidance, encouragement, and accountability throughout quitting.

Incentives and Rewards

Consider offering an incentive program to motivate employees to participate in the smoking cessation program. Rewards could include gift cards, additional time off, or other incentives that align with your company culture.

Ongoing Support

Quitting smoking is challenging, and ongoing support is essential for long-term success. Provide access to support resources such as quitlines, online forums, or mobile apps that can offer guidance and encouragement even after the program ends.

Pivot Breathe

Pivot Breathe is revolutionizing tobacco cessation by employing evidence-based clinical approaches tailored to individuals' needs and preferences. The program takes a holistic approach and provides users with comprehensive support they can choose from. This includes:

Moreover, employees can continue to use Pivot Breathe after they’ve quit, providing them with ongoing support during difficult or triggering times.

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Each employee is unique, and tailoring your program to their needs increases the likelihood of success. By offering educational materials, counseling, incentives, and ongoing support, you can create a supportive environment that empowers your employees to make positive life changes. 

A customizable smoking cessation program will significantly benefit your employee’s health and happiness. It can also lower healthcare costs and increase productivity, positively impacting your bottom line. 

Invest in your workforce’s health, and you will reap the benefits of a healthier, happier, and more productive organization!

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