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Coach Corner

Why You Should Consider Joining Pivot’s Health Coaching Team

July 14, 2022
By Pivot
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We at Pivot take an authentic approach

What’s noteworthy about our approach as coaches specializing in helping people reduce and quit tobacco is that Pivoters (what we call people enrolled in the Pivot program) opt into coaching instead of opting out. There are no slick marketing schemes or external rewards promised to Pivoters for working with a coach. With that being said, those who opt into the Pivot program truly value their coach’s support and are 3.6x times more likely to quit because of coach engagement, input, and guidance! 

For most people, using tobacco is associated with everyday activities and challenging life events. Tobacco can creep into every experience, whether that be the joy of celebrating the birth of a child, the sorrow that comes with financial struggle or divorce, or even boredom from a daily work commute. Because tobacco is so ingrained into the lifestyles and emotional behaviors of Pivoters, having fresh eyes and someone to talk to can be life-changing. 

As coaches, we walk with Pivoters as life happens, helping through the fatigue of nicotine withdrawal while at the same time holding space for the frustrations of finding new ways to cope with stress and anxiety without tobacco. We also witness the inspiration of new beginnings when the chains of addiction are broken and get to see precious lives transformed with new hope for a healthier future. This is what we do and who we are as Pivot coaches! By getting to know the Pivoter as a whole person and how tobacco impacts their life, we uncover the genuine needs and deep desires that fuel motivation for change. 

We believe in people who use tobacco

Let's face it: quitting tobacco is HARD! On top of that, people who use tobacco feel shame and guilt from their family, friends, employers, and health care providers. The very activity that brought them a sense of calm or some alone time is now seen as a moral failure. But that’s not the case with Pivot, as our coaches convey compassion for people who are struggling with tobacco addiction. We understand that we have a role to play in reducing the stigma associated with tobacco use so all individuals feel comfortable accessing necessary evidence-based treatment that can help them succeed.

We help make others great

What makes Pivot’s coaching team stand out is our individual strengths and unique voices from people from all walks of life. We thrive on our diverse talent and passion for the unique work of tobacco cessation – so much so that we provide our coaches with an annual $2,000/year stipend to support continued education and ongoing development as certified health coaches. We also provide in-house monthly training and advanced wellness courses to further enhance our coaches’ professional knowledge, practice, and skill in tobacco cessation. We also protect our coaches from burnout by guarding their time and encouraging preventive self-care and vacations. Additionally, we offer paid volunteer time for social movements that fuel their souls and provide competitive salaries above industry standards.

All coaches work remotely from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. in their respective time zones, Monday through Friday, a huge advantage for work-life balance. Our team has developed creative ways to stay connected - through virtual retreats, coffee chats, weekly all-hands, and more. Additionally, our team does more than coaching - they get the opportunity to contribute in other meaningful ways to many parts of the company, whether that be through writing blogs, contributing to the Pivot app, or even developing training based on their unique talents for their peers. 

We Pivot coaches do good - are you ready to join us?

If you’re a coach, chances are you have a servant mentality, with a curious and kind heart. We value kindness. It's in the DNA of all our Pivot coaches. If you are big-hearted and ready to transform lives, consider joining the Pivot Coaching Team.    

Authored By:

Holly Dunn, BS, NBC-HWC, NCTTP

Laura Dotson, MS-MPH, NBC-HWC

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Are you big-hearted and ready to transform lives?

Consider joining Pivot’s coaching team!

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