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Leveraging the Pivot Breathe Community

September 21, 2023
By Pivot
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What is the Pivot Community? 

Community is a unique space in the Pivot Breathe app where all members can come together to share, learn, and get support to quit, reduce, or take the first steps toward a nicotine-free life. Even if you are not ready to quit or take the first step, Community is a space to observe, seek advice, or celebrate small wins. You can expect to see other members ask questions, experiment with challenges, post photos and progress badges, or give positive words of encouragement to others.  

Whether you come to Community to connect with members or if you just want to see what others are talking about, all are welcome! 

How does the Pivot Community support me? 

It’s hard to quit if you’re acting alone. The Pivot Community is available 24/7- that way you’re never flying solo! Reading about someone else’s experience can give you ideas, tips, and tricks to move forward in your challenges. 

Community is moderated by a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach who shares evidence-based, practical tips to manage a craving, trigger, or break up your tobacco-related routines.  The moderator also provides the latest app updates, answers questions,, and supports the community through various challenges. 

You can find support in the Pivot Community in many ways. The Pivot Community isn’t just for people who are trying to quit. It is also filled with members who have successfully quit. All members are eager to support you with stories of their experience or to answer your questions about overcoming triggers, NRTs, or preventing a slip. 

What can I expect from the Pivot Community?

The Pivot  Community is a safe place to interact, share information, and help fellow members with issues related to all types of tobacco, including cigarettes, vaping, chew, etc. 

  • Tips and Encouragement. Everyone in Community has your back! Whether it's a specific question or words of encouragement, the community members will be there to back you up. 
  • New Ideas. If you’re feeling stuck, posting a question in Community is a great way to get real-world feedback and suggestions from people who have been there before. 
  • Shared Stories. Did you know that hearing about other people’s success increases the chances of your success? Gain knowledge and experience by reading through what others have shared in Community. 
  • Connection and Honesty. Community is where people are ready to be a friend to those who need one. Whether you are struggling or succeeding, someone in Community is there for you and has been in your shoes, too. 
  • Accountability. For some people, regularly showing up in Community is an important part of their quitting and staying quit success.

What if I didn’t quit?

That’s okay! The members of Community know exactly what you are going through because they are going through it with you. Regardless of how long you have been using tobacco or how many quit attempts you may have tried, Community has a place for you. The same people who struggle to quit can become the cheerleaders and teachers of Community.  

Building connections with like-minded people is vital when making behavioral changes. Whether you are quitting, reducing, or contemplating your next step - you are not alone. You can find a real connection with someone with a similar experience, which can make all the difference when you’re feeling isolated. Community is a place to feel understood and learn from others' experiences and success as you work towards your own. 

Nikki Utech, BS, NCTTP

Shannon Brown, PhD, NCTTP

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No one should have to quit alone.

Receive support — and give support to — others in the Pivot Breathe community on in every stage of quit and tap into the collective wisdom of program members.

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