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Measure Stress and Risk of Burnout, Instantly

May 24, 2023
By Pivot
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Don’t guess about stress. Put a number on it with the Flex Assessment.

Stop assuming your workforce is “stressed” or “burned out.” There's an important nuance behind these buzzwords. You can start learning the true state of your employees – individually and collectively – with the Flex Assessment. This survey is the beginning of the Pivot Flex solution for managing everyday stress and building resilience. In minutes, you can uncover who is at risk of real burn out, who is resilient in the face of stress, and how much support each member of your team really needs.

How the Flex Assessment Works

The Flex Assessment is rooted in clinically validated surveys that unlock insights into how your employees’ manage stress, as well as their risk of burnout. Here’s how:

The user starts their Pivot Flex experience by taking the Flex Assessment. The 16 question survey takes less than 2 minutes to complete.

The user immediately receives  a Flex Score which highlights how flexible they are when responding to stress, along with their risk of burnout. They will also get feedback on which factors are contributing to their flexibility, or lack thereof. 

These insights are valuable for individuals, and also for your organization. This is key: instead of guessing what percentage of your workforce is at risk of burnout, you will have a quantifiable number

Track progress over time

The Flex Assessment provides critical data at the start of the stress management journey. And you can continue to track your workforce’s improvements step-by-step along the way. Users are prompted to retake the Flex Assessment monthly, receiving a new Flex score each time. The more they use Pivot Flex, the more skills they will develop to overcome stress and banish burnout.

Stress spreads just like a smile, which is why investing in your employees' resilience leads to a workplace that is happier and healthier.Your organization will experience a positive shift in productivity and corporate culture.

“No matter what your goals, research shows that tracking your progress increases your likelihood of success!” — Cynthia Ackrill, MD, PCC, FAIS

Learn more about adding Pivot Flex as a wellness benefit for your organization today.

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What's your Flex Score?

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