The Pivot Breath Sensor

Pivot's FDA-cleared carbon monoxide breath sensor fundamentally changes smoking cessation.
  • Real-time results
    On-device readouts for convenient and immediate feedback.
  • FDA clearance
    Technology you can trust, created by physicians, clinicians, and medical device engineers.
  • Wireless convenience
    The key fob-sized sensor syncs automatically with the Pivot app. It couldn't be simpler.

This is about more than data. It's about immediacy.

The impact of smoking and quitting can often seem distant — “someday.” The Pivot Breath Sensor brings it into the here and now. You’ll see immediate changes when you smoke, and when you don’t.

See your progress

One of the tricky things about quitting smoking is its totality. It can feel like you’ve either quit or you haven’t — there’s no in between. But the truth is there are a lot of victories along the way to a successful quit. The Pivot Breath Sensor keeps you on track by helping you celebrate them.

Share your results

The more you know about your smoking behavior, the more control you have. You’ll go over your sensor readings with your Pivot coach to see if you can find new patterns in your smoking.


Find your motivation

More Pivot users than we can count have pointed to the Pivot Breath Sensor as the key to their Pivot experience. For some, the simple appeal of getting lower carbon monoxide readings nudges them into reducing their smoking. For others, the sense of control is the confidence boost they need to quit smoking for good.

Awareness building

Data is power. Knowing that each cigarette you do or don’t smoke will affect your Pivot Breath Sensor readings can make you more aware of your smoking behavior.

A sense of control

The data is in your pocket. You have the opportunity to change it through the things you do.

Ready to take control?

Let’s Pivot together.