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Pivot helps people quit smoking — at a scale that makes a difference.

How much is smoking costing your business?
Between excess healthcare costs and lost productivity, self-insured employers lose about $8,000 per smoker annually versus non-smokers. That adds up quickly.
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This is how a smoking cessation program should work.

Say goodbye to primitive quit lines and check-the-box cessation programs. We designed Pivot to reach your employees earlier, more effectively, and in far greater numbers than traditional quit programs — with tools to help you measure the resulting impacts on your business.

Real engagement

How is Pivot able to enroll four times as many smokers than traditional employer-offered quit programs? With a sophisticated consumer marketing team that you’ll have at your disposal. Our turnkey campaigns, custom assets, and sophisticated channel strategies will have you feeling like you’ve tapped into your own private ad agency.

Clinical outcomes

Pivot works. We have the published scientific papers, internal studies, and commercial performance to prove it. From the way the Pivot Breath Sensor changes attitudes and confidence, to the way Pivot helps change the minds of people who say they aren’t ready to quit, to enrollment rates several times the industry average, we have outcomes data to show just what Pivot can do.

Custom Reporting

You’ll never have to ask yourself if Pivot is working. Our detailed, transparent client reporting will put the proof in your hands. On a regular basis, you’ll receive custom reports showing your company’s savings, ROI, and estimated payback period. Additionally, you’ll have aggregated data showing engagement rates, demographics, and transformations across your workforce.

Client Success

Your Pivot client success manager is your true partner, someone to help manage implementation — with regular weekly meetings — and to act as your voice internally at Pivot. They will also deliver your on-demand reports, coordinate any integrations with your internal vendors and systems, and help you develop and execute your internal promotion strategy.

Science and Security

Pivot offers the only carbon monoxide breath sensor cleared by the FDA for consumer use. Additionally, the Pivot app was built around evidence-based quit methods, under the eye of a scientific advisory board filled with global experts in smoking cessation and behavioral science. And it’s all backed by our secure, HIPAA-compliant systems.

Wondering if Pivot is right for your business? It is.

We have tailored solutions for self-insured employers, health systems, insurance vendors, and independent businesses. Get in touch to see how Pivot can transform the lives of your employees and your expectations of what a benefits vendor can do.

How Pivot is Different

Pivot uses technology and behavioral science to engage your employees earlier than other cessation plans — and to stay with them longer.
The only FDA-cleared carbon monoxide breath sensor for consumer use. It changes the game.
Quite simply, it's why people describe Pivot as something they get to do, instead of something they have to do.
Clinically proven nicotine replacement therapy (gum, lozenges, the patch) delivered right to users' doors.
Pivot users are paired in-app with a personal coach who remains their coach for the duration of the program.
Participants have access to robust support from fellow Pivot participants.
Most quit programs are just for smokers who are ready to quit. Pivot also works for those who say they're not ready.
Pivot: The Best Combination of Reach and Efficacy


71% of Pivot users said the Pivot Breath Sensor increased their motivation to quit.


Overall quit rate of Pivot users in a published, clinical study.


About 2/3 of people entering Pivot say they're not ready to quit. They end up quitting at nearly the same rate (38%) as those who enter ready to quit (37.2%).
Pivot clients enroll up to four times as many smokers than traditional employer-based quit programs. Combined with our high quit rates, that means Pivot delivers more ex-smokers, period.