What's so different about Pivot?

Pivot is designed to reach people earlier, more effectively, and in far greater numbers than traditional quit programs — with tools to help you measure the resulting impact on your business.

The Pivot Experience

  • Technology That Transforms

    After just one week with our FDA-cleared breath sensor, 71 percent of Pivot clinical participants reported being more motivated to quit smoking.

  • Data That Empowers

    From our Pivot dashboard to our innovative client reports, participants and employers are able to see precisely how Pivot is changing their lives and businesses.

  • Motivation That Lasts

    More than half of Pivot users start the program saying they aren’t ready to quit smoking. They end up quitting at the same high rate as those who enter Pivot saying they are ready to quit.

Our Team is Your Team

Our client success staff is dedicated to making sure you get the most out of Pivot — from providing full marketing and outreach support to engage your workforce, to delivering client reports and dashboards that help you monitor Pivot’s impact on your company.

Comprehensive marketing support

Marketing isn’t an afterthought for us; it’s a vital part of the Pivot experience — for you and your employees — and includes:

  • Campaigns built to work across multiple channels, including emails, workplace posters, social media, mailers, and events
  • A responsive marketing team that can assemble toolkits around your specific needs
  • Messaging designed to boost engagement by speaking to all people who smoke, not just those who already want to quit

Rich data, simple reports

You’ll never have to ask yourself if Pivot is working. You’ll never have to ask us either. You’ll have the proof in reports that include:

  • Engagement, progress, quit rates, and satisfaction across your workforce
  • Annotated visualizations of the data we collect, delivered in weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports
  • Financial impact for both you and your employees

Think differently about smoking — and quitting

Pivot starts by helping users develop new insights about their smoking, to raise motivation to quit. Then, it sets them up for quit success with an intensive, evidence-based program supported by proprietary technology, personal coaching, and long-term support.

Ready to take control?

Let’s Pivot together.