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Breath Sensor

How does the breath sensor work?

The Pivot breath sensor measures the amount of carbon monoxide in your exhaled breath*. (CO is one of the toxins in cigarette smoke.)

Using the breath sensor takes approximately 30 seconds. You’ll inhale then blow into the sensor, and the results can be viewed directly on the sensor. For the best experience, you can pair the sensor to the app to learn even more!

The more you use your sensor, the more you’ll understand your CO levels and how they are affected by your smoking. You can set up your sensor to remind you to give samples with vibrations or beeps.

*Indications for use: The Carbon Monoxide Breath Sensor System is a breath carbon monoxide monitor intended for single-user use by people who smoke cigarettes to inform the user about how breath carbon monoxide levels are affected by smoking behavior.  The device is not intended to be used with other inhaled products.

Where do I get my breath sensor?

As soon as you register for Pivot, we will begin preparing your breath sensor for shipping. Once shipped, you will receive emails with shipment tracking information.


What is a health coach? What do they do?

Your health coach is your partner in understanding your smoking patterns and how smoking, vaping and other forms of tobacco fit into your life. They’re here to assist you in your journey to explore or try to quit smoking, with support, guidance, and motivation. And all coaching takes place via in-app text, no appointments required.

How is your health coaching different from others?

Pivot health coaches receive training in both tobacco cessation and evidence-based health coaching. This rigorous training was developed by a world leader in tobacco cessation. It makes Pivot health coaches uniquely suited to guide our participants through the challenges of quitting smoking, vaping or tobacco use.

Our coaches use in-app chat to reach participants. Coaching through chat is confidential and convenient. It’s especially useful in situations like the workplace since coaches can send and receive messages without anyone knowing.

Coaching is part of a behavior change system delivered through our mobile app that includes lessons and activities and provides feedback. Coaches use the information from the app to guide their coaching.

Program Details

What is Carrot Inc.?

Carrot Inc. is the parent company of Pivot. You can learn more at

Why do you need to know my smoking habits (“How many cigarettes do you smoke…,” etc.)?

Getting a sense of how many cigarettes you smoke and how often you smoke, vape or use tobacco helps us personalize many of the lessons you’ll see during your Pivot journey. It makes the content and information we show you more relevant to your life and experience.

Why should I try Pivot, rather than some other smoking cessation program?

Unlike other smoking and tobacco cessation programs, Pivot doesn’t start with quit.  We want to help you think about smoking…and quitting differently. First, there’s no commitment to quitting required. Pivot is for all people who use tobacco. We’ll help you understand your habits better and, then, help you develop motivation and confidence to try to quit. If you do decide to quit, we’ll help you by applying the very best quit strategies, a community of users for support.

Depending on the type of Pivot bundle you are buying or the program your company or health plan supports you may also have access to nicotine replacement therapy and coaching support to help you succeed. And, unlike many quit programs, our coaches are also available to support you after your quit journey––from developing new routines to dealing with triggers.

For people who smoke, Pivot also comes with a personal breath sensor to help you understand more about your smoking behavior. It’s high tech, personal and, together with our activities, may help you see your smoking in a new way.

And we fit into your life. Everything in Pivot — including sensor readings, lessons and activities, and personal coaching — is delivered entirely over your smartphone, so that you can participate on your own schedule. No scheduling phone calls or in-person visits.

So Pivot gives you the best of both worlds — evidence-based strategies, coaching, nicotine replacement therapy AND convenience, plus the added engagement of the breath sensor. It was built by physicians, behavioral psychologists, and designers and engineers using the latest in mobile technology and app design to deliver the most effective tobacco-cessation strategies, anywhere, at any time.

How long does the program take?

With Pivot, you get to go at your pace, with tools and support so you can learn about your tobacco use and prepare the plan that is right for you.  There’s no pressure, this is about helping you execute a quit plan that works today, tomorrow and into the future. And if you relapse, no worries, no judgment - just support.

What kinds of lessons are provided in the app?

Pivot lessons are designed to be quick, simple sessions about health, cost, habits, and essential skills and strategies for reducing… and quitting. They generally take less than five minutes to complete.

Pivot has lessons to help you learn about your habit; lessons to practice and prepare to quit; lessons to guide you in your quit.  As you progress, you’ll also have the chance to practice what you learned through Quests. These will help you to try out different strategies, find the ones that work for you, and come up with new ideas.

That way, when you get to Quit Day, it won’t be so overwhelming—because you will have learned about and tried out a lot of what you need to quit successfully.

Technical Requirements

What kind of phone do I need to use Pivot? Do I need any special software or hardware?

The Pivot app works on iPhone 5 or newer running iOS 11.0 and above and most Android smartphones running the Android operating system version 5.0 (Lollipop) and above. There are thousands of smartphones that run the Android operating system, and unfortunately, we can’t ensure Pivot works great on all of them. If you have any problems using Pivot on an operating system we support, please let us know.

If you are someone who smokes, once you register, we’ll mail you your breath sensor.  And whether you smoke, vape, chew tobacco or all of the above, you can download the Pivot app and get started immediately. Once your sensor arrives, no additional hardware or software is needed.

What is an access code?

Some of our Pivot users are able to take advantage of the benefits their employers or health plans offer and receive Pivot at a subsidized rate.  For these individuals, they access the Pivot program through an access code as opposed to buying the product.

Where do I get my access code? Why do I need it?

You’ll get your access code from the company or organization that connected you with the Pivot program. For individuals, who are receiving Pivot through their employer or health plan you will use your access code to sign up for Pivot during the registration process.

Not sure what your access code is or where to find it?

Try contacting whoever gave you access to Pivot or follow up directly with our Pivot support team - they should be able to help.