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University Hospitals Ohio’s High Tobacco Cessation Results

May 11, 2022
By Pivot
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Over the course of 150 years, University Hospitals (UH) Ohio has grown

Now offering nationally recognized tertiary medicine, prevention, primary care, and early screening services, as well as the area’s largest primary care physician network and numerous outpatient centers, UH has been a long-standing champion of public health. UH recently opened satellite centers for cancer, cardiac, pediatrics, and women’s health care. But UH was also looking for a more effective tobacco cessation solution than what they had utilized for many years.

UH’s tobacco challenge

For many years, UH had employed Tobacco Knock Out (otherwise known as TKO), an in-person and telephonic support program led by part-time employees. The program was one of a few options that employees who were enrolled in the system’s health care could complete to remove a tobacco surcharge from their monthly premium. TKO offered education, tobacco cessation strategies, and group support, all targeted at eliminating cigarettes. But did it work?

Valerie Reese, Director of Clinical Services with UH Population Health, relayed that it was “hard to tell.” She stated that “in three years, the program worked with 35 smokers, but we were unable to capture data that would allow us to evaluate success.” This proved even more daunting, as out of the 35,000 health plan members, UH knew that there were exponentially more than just 35 tobacco users. That’s why they made a commitment to finding a better tobacco cessation solution.

Where Pivot came in

UH’s wellness team discovered the Pivot program, a holistic, digital smoking cessation solution, proven to help motivate and educate tobacco users at all points in their readiness to quit, ranging from those who express no interest in quitting to those ready to quit. This flexibility makes it a top-tier program for any type of tobacco user.

The best part of the Pivot program? Those who take part can do so on their own time, at their own pace, and within the comfort of their preferred space. This is made possible by the flexibility of the program, allowing users access to:

  • App –  Offering an evidence-based program with self-guided activities, the Pivot app is geared toward all levels of quit readiness
  • Breath Sensor – The FDA-cleared breath sensor is clinically proven to increase motivation to quit smoking, measuring carbon monoxide in the breath, and providing real-time insight into behavioral patterns
  • Nicotine replacement therapy – Delivered directly to members, NRT assists in reducing cravings and improving chances of a quit that sticks
  • Personal coaching – Dedicated one-on-one coaching is available via secure in-app messaging
  • Community support – A supportive peer-to-peer community, filled with other Pivot users at all stages of the quit journey

UH recognized the value of Pivot’s solution immediately. “Instead of passively sitting in a class, enrollees would have an interactive experience that could be personalized to their needs. They could use a coach, access educational modules, and interact with the entire Pivot community whenever they wanted. We liked the flexibility, and the ability for participants to engage in a personalized way,” explained Reese.

Tobacco cessation program success – defined differently thanks to Pivot

The rollout of Pivot proved surprisingly simple to those at UH, and the results were exciting. “We started the announcements a few days before offering an enrollment link, and then followed up with multiple communication strategies. To our amazement, we filled 68 spots out of a possible 100 within the first six weeks of launch,” says Jessica Jurcak, Manager of Whole Health and Well-Being Operations at UH Population Health.

And each time another invitation was sent out? Enrollment has spiked.

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Just how successful has UH’s launch of Pivot’s tobacco cessation solution been?

You’ll have to download our case study, UH Turns to Pivot: Comprehensive Digital Smoking Cessation Program, to learn more.

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