We don't start with quit.

Pivot app and Breath Sensor

How it Works

Pivot's unique technologies, activities, and coaching approach are designed to help people who smoke find and develop their own motivations, and lead them to a successful quit.
Phase 1

For those not ready to quit

Pivot’s low-friction approach starts with the FDA-cleared Pivot Breath Sensor, which helps participants see changes in their smoking behavior in real time. Then, simple in-app activities and coaching help them figure out what smoking and quitting mean to them. Pivot participants get a deeper understanding of their smoking, and support in deciding whether it’s something they want to change.

Phase 2

For those ready to quit

Quitting smoking is a skill. It’s something people have to work up to, on their own terms. Pivot gives them the tools and support to find their motivations, then helps them develop confidence to quit, with skills-building and practice quits. This way, when the time comes to quit, Pivot users know why they want to do it and what it will take to succeed.

Phase 3

After the Quit

For up to 6 months after they enter the program, Pivot participants have access to their personal coach, along with activities designed to help them stay quit. Pivot helps them navigate the challenges that come immediately after quitting, before moving them to a maintenance mode that helps prevent relapse as they settle into smoke-free living.

How Pivot is Different

  • The only FDA-cleared carbon monoxide breath sensor for consumer use. It changes the game.
  • Quite simply, it's why people describe Pivot as something they get to do, instead of something they have to do.
  • Clinically proven nicotine replacement therapy (gum, lozenges, the patch) delivered right to users' doors.
  • Pivot users are paired in-app with a personal coach who stays with them for the duration of the program.
  • Participants have access to robust support from fellow Pivot participants.
  • In client settings, Pivot enrolls up to three times more participants than the industry average.

Pivot helps...


We approach quitting smoking as a set of skills, rather than a single act. Pivot helps you develop those skills in the way that makes the most sense for you.
  • Carbon monoxide breath sensor
  • Engaging mobile app with progress dashboard
  • Support from a dedicated coach, via in-app chat
  • Easy access to quit medications


Helping people quit smoking is just smart business. Employers lose about $8,000 per person who smokes annually to excess healthcare costs and lost productivity.
  • Proven program success rate
  • Detailed, transparent client reports
  • Veteran client-success team for simple implementation
  • Turnkey enrollment campaigns