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No one should feel alone

Pivot Flex connects members with a community of other members, all actively helping each other through struggles, lessons and wins. Support and be supported.

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Share…and celebrate!

The Pivot Flex Community reminds members: you are not alone. Many of us are struggling with work or being a working parent or commuting or sleep. Life is hard. There’s comfort in knowing it’s hard for everyone – and we can still win. Pivot Flex members often share their victories. A virtual high-five could make someone's day.

Two-way support

Everyone’s story about stress and how it impacts their life is unique. Oftentimes, though, it helps to know that experiences are shared.

Receive support from - and give support to - others in the Pivot Flex community as they navigate the ups and downs of everyday life.

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100% of community members are active Pivot Flex users


Members are able to post in the Pivot Flex community and know that their identity is kept confidential


With near-daily posts and a health coach facilitator, the Pivot Flex community is dynamic and active.

It's time. Take action to reduce stress and build resiliency.
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Judgment-free zone

It can be difficult to open up. Yet one person’s bravery encourages others to step up.

To help ensure the journey is safe and not toxic, the Pivot Flex community has a dedicated moderator. They post thought-provoking content, answer questions, and provide feedback or resources as needed. They ensure posts are inline with Community Guidelines.

Real-world success stories

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Community blog

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