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Tools and Challenges

True behavioral change doesn’t happen overnight.

Reducing the risk of burnout and building resilience takes time, practice, and support. That’s why Pivot Flex offers a variety of tools to empower members to learn new behaviors and practice, practice, practice.

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Members create their own personalized Flex journey

Pivot Flex is not a one-size-fits-all solution. With the help of a dedicated and board certified health coach, members are able to elevate their insights and develop a strategy that really works. The program offers tools that empower individuals to self-reflect, develop and confidently make changes.

Tools and challenges help inspire long-lasting changes


40+ lessons to help members build skills


The 60 second guided breathing tool is Flex's most popular tool


Pivot Flex engineers are constantly adding new tools and challenges to the Pivot Flex app

How it works

Track Emotions
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Learn Skills
Leverage Tools

Practice makes perfect for Pivot Flex members

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It’s as easy as clicking an emoji! Pivot Flex members can track and understand their daily emotions - the good, the bad and the ugly. And, to go a layer deeper, members can connect each emotion to specific factors - providing a clear view into what’s pulling them up or down

Pivot Flex Coaches act as a guide and help your members to navigate their stressors, uncover trends, learn new coping strategies, identify goals, and understand their unique expectations. With each member in the driver’s seat, they’ll help develop a customized strategy that works for unique needs.

Members can access lessons focused on building and fortifying the key components of resilience: coping, control and connection. These lessons and supporting activities are aligned with the focus area the individual chooses at the beginning of the Pivot Flex journey. As the individual evolves, so does the lesson plan.

Pivot Flex tools prompt members to learn practical ways to get out of auto-pilot. From breathing techniques to journaling and meditation, members have the ability to rewire with new daily routines.

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Pivot Flex provides members with a variety of lessons about their chosen focus area. These lessons can help members along their journey as they reach to achieve their goals.

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Focus Areas

We each face different roadblocks. Pivot Flex helps pinpoint what areas of improvement matter most for each employee. We tailor our services to the individual’s needs. Sometimes, those needs may seem surprising.

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Pivot Flex connects members with a community of supportive peers, facilitated by a Pivot coach. Each member is there to support others on their respective journey.

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Flex Tracker

The Flex Tracker allows members to see trends within their everyday life, with respect to things that pull them down, along with what factors lift them up.

Help members reduce stress and build resilience
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There is no one-size-fits all stress solution or resilience plan. Pivot Flex uses tools based on science to create a winning strategy -- one that prioritizes what you need, shows you how to get it, and even partners with you through coaching to get you there.

Dr. Cindi Ackrill

Pivot Flex is for all

Who needs Pivot Flex? Everyone focused on creating happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives. Pivot Flex breaks the stress cycle with effective behavioral change strategies.

Real-world success stories

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