Are you concerned about smoking and vaping in the workplace?

97% of employers surveyed say yes.

Pivot's fresh approach and breakthrough tech help people quit smoking — for good.

Have you ever seen a quit program you’d be excited to try? Of course not. In terms of fun, quit programs usually fall somewhere between tax forms and a trip to the DMV.

Not anymore.

Pivot’s exciting new technologies, human coaching, and behavioral science turn quitting into an opportunity, instead of an obligation. Pivot users don’t have to quit smoking—they get to. Pivot even helps people who say they aren’t ready to quit. This changes things.

Pivot helps...


We approach quitting smoking as a set of skills, rather than a single act. Pivot helps you develop those skills in the way that makes the most sense for you.
  • Carbon monoxide breath sensor
  • Engaging mobile app with progress dashboard
  • Support from a dedicated coach, via in-app chat
  • Easy access to quit medications


Helping people quit smoking is just smart business. Employers lose about $8,000 per person who smokes annually to excess healthcare costs and lost productivity.
  • Proven program success rate
  • Detailed, transparent client reports
  • Veteran client-success team for simple implementation
  • Turnkey enrollment campaigns

How Pivot works

Each aspect of our evidence-based program is designed to engage, raise awareness, and set the user up for a successful quit.
  • Measures exhaled carbon monoxide, for an objective measure tied to smoking behavior.
  • Uses interactive lessons and activities to align quitting with the user's personal goals.
  • For those who want it, convenient delivery of nicotine patches, gum, or lozenges increase likelihood of success.
  • The Pivot approach helps all people — not just the 1/3 who already say they're ready to attempt a quit. (The results are amazing).
  • Each user gets paired with a trained coach who stays with them for the duration of the program. No calls with strangers here.
  • Fellow Pivoters provide and seek support via message boards.

Pivot helps people quit smoking — at a scale that makes a difference.

This is effective smoking cessation, for companies and individuals. We have the clinical studies to prove it.
Three quarters of Pivot users make a quit attempt.
Nearly half of all quit attempts in Pivot are successful.
Enrollment rates up to 3x higher than average for employer-provided cessation programs.